Short Story

                         The Cabin on the Mountain

Up on a mountain lie a house buried in the snow. It’s brown shingles creak in the wind.  But the fire roars in the pearl white snow.

In the little cabin, lives a little girl named Mary.  She is no bigger than 7 or smaller than 4.  She has been laying on the wood floor for 3 days waiting for her grandfather.

The big door finally swings open and her grandfather is there with a large grin on his face.

“Lets go,” he says.

The little girl puts on her coat and shoes and says goodbye to the little cottage.  She has lived there all her life.

Her grandfather leads her to a small plane in a clearing of the forest.

She and her grandfather climb in.

“In 10 hours, I will be in Florida,” says Mary to herself.

And right she is, because, in 10 hours, they are laying on the white sand of Florida.

Dawn’s Rise


Dawn’s Rise: Brooklynn DelaPeña, Katorah K: 9781522919537 …

This is the book that inspired me to write a book and start a blog.  This book is about a wolf girl who does not know what side to fight for. (I don’t want to spoil the rest)

This is a great book written by Brooklynn DelaPeña. I recommend it for ages 9-12.

How I got started

I was inspired to write my first book after I read an article of a twelve year-old publishing a book. How were you? Just think, whether you create a recipe, write a book, or start a blog, you could inspire someone to do something great.

If you give a girl a pen, what will happen?

20160317_081120If you give a girl a pen, what will happen? When I was given a pen and a notebook, the first thing I wrote was my first book, The Tragedy of 1923. After many edits and changes, I had my final manuscript. Family and friends soon congratulated me, so I felt very warm inside. At that point, I really didn’t care if I published my book. The real joy was writing it.