Miami is a BEAUTIFUL city.  I LOVE it!!!

                                       City of Miami – Official Website

The beaches are AWESOME!!!

Miami has so many things to offer including,

The Top 10 Things to Do in Miami – TripAdvisor – Miami, FL Attractions …



*Hanging out

*Downtown Miami

*South Beach



*Miami Seaquarium


 The ocean and beaches are awesome!
I would give Miami 5 stars!!



Lake McConaughy, is a large lake that lies above the,

                                               Ogallala Aquifer – Wikipedia

I must say it is a very wonderful place to swim and fish, but, there were some problems.

First, they don’t have many beaches, and if there is a beach, it is closed due to some type of bird.  I really like beaches so, when they were closed off, I was really sad.

Second, in the Summer, it can get pretty cold.  On some days it might get to about seventy degrees F, but, mostly it is chilly.

Third, we had a very bad experience there.  I vomited in the middle of the night, our boat would not work, and we got a flat tire!

We stayed at,

Eagle Canyon Hideaway

It has,

  • Cozy Log Cabins
  • Full service RV sites, (some pull thrus) including electric, water and sewer.
  • Wi-Fi Available
  • Immaculate Restrooms and Showers
  • Private Rec Room
  • New In-ground Swimming Pool with Slide
  • Playground
  • Nature Trail
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Coin Laundry / Game Room
  • Fish & Game Cleaning Station
  • Picnic Tables and Fire Pits
  • Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Horseshoes
  • Fenced in Dog Run (we are pet friendly)
  • Well Stocked General Store
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Available (We’re famous for our N.Y. Pizza and Smothered Burritos)


 Our cabin was pretty nice; It had 3 beds and a refrigerator.
The pool was very tiny and meant for little kids.
The main lodge was nice and has a place you can eat at.  It has Mexican food, that is my favorite!
This place has many different review including,



I LOVE Clearwater, Florida!!!

Out of all the places I have been, Clearwater has been the best.  There is so much to do!images.jpg

It has the BEST views!images.jpg

My favorite animal is a dolphin so, when I watched the movie,

                                                Dolphin Tale (2011) – IMDb

I begged my mom to get us tickets to go there.  And finally, we got to go. imgres.jpg

It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The name says it all, it has very,very,very clear water.  My favorite part was, every morning we would walk out to the beach with our coffee and muffins.

There is so much to do here including,



*Amusement Parks


*Water Activitiesimgres.jpg


*Bike Ridding

 They also, have great restaurants.  I love some types of fish and squid.  But, they mostly have greasy food.  My favorite restaurants are the ones on the beach.
Our motel was awesome too!  It was very comfortable and cozy.
One thing that I noticed was that there are tons of lizards crawling around.images.jpg
The fishing there is great because, you can see right through the water. imgres.jpg
My dad and me love fishing so this was awesome.  We have always wanted to fish in the ocean so, this was our chance.  We caught some strange fish but, no sharks.
The shops there are very cool. imgres.jpg
I LOVE beach shops!
Over all, Clearwater is amazing!  I hope we go back soon!


A few months ago, we traveled to Colorado. As a child, my whole family would rent a HUGE       cabin at a place called,

  Glacier Lodge Estes Park


It is very beautiful there! You have great views of the mountains, ranges, horses, elk and sometimes even bears! These are few of the many things this place has to offer,

*Horse Rides

*Free Coffee and Water







*Spacious Cabins

*Access to Fun Places


*Great Views

I love the cabins they feel so cozy inside.  Also, there is a dog that walks around and greets people!  The only bad thing is the bears that come and dig into the trash cans.  Me and my family were very lucky to see a bear next to the swing set.  It was so cool! I hope we go there again.images.jpg

I  LOVE Colorado!!!

If You give a girl a Passport

As you already know, I LOVE writing, drawing, cooking, and ….. traveling!  I have traveled thousands of places, including going out of the country two times.

                   The Dominican Republic


Day One:  “You may now start boarding.” said the flight attendant as she opened the gate.

We walked into the plane with smiles on our faces.  Seven hours later, we are walking out in eighty degree weather.

It was a whole different world.  Everyone was speaking Spanish and talking very loudly.  We were very glad to see my uncle’s face shining at us.


Day Two:  I have four cute cousins that live in the DR. We arrived at their house at eight p.m. and were greeted with friendly smiles and warm hugs. We had already had pizza so we didn’t eat anything.

Day Three: The third day we got up early and went to a village in the mountains.  The mountains are beautiful!imgres.jpg

When we arrived at the village, it was way different from life here. They all lived in huts, shared food, and even left the doors of their houses open. We played with the children, but, they spoke Spanish so we didn’t understand them.

When we went back home we ate home-made pizza that was delicious!

Day Four: The fourth day was a little rough. I don’t know if we had a bug or ate something, but, we were up all night vomiting.

Day Five: This was our final day at our cousins’ house.  We hung out and then left at about ten in the morning. We got on a bus that took us to the airport.  Once there, we got on a bus that took us to our resort,

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa: Dominican Republic Resorts



IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would go back there in a heartbeat! It has,

*Open airy rooms

*Free snorkeling supplies

*Free drinks and dining

* HUGE pools

*Clear ocean water



The only bad thing is the people try to get you to buy lots of things.


Day Six: We explore everything and swim in the ocean; if you go out to where you can’t touch, you can still see under you! The snorkeling is awesome; we saw about twenty star fish and many types of fish.

Day Seven: We relax and get as many free drinks as we can put our hands on. The service is very good!

Day Eight: Today is our last day so we make the most of it.  We swim and do ocean dancing. It was SO FUN!!!

Day Nine:  We swim for three hours then pack our bags and get into a bus that takes us to our last hotel,

InterContinental Santo Domingo – Santo Domingo –


It is nice but, everything costs money.

Day Ten: We pack our bags and head to the airport. It was very sad when we left but, we came back to nine degrees and snowy.imgres.jpg

That was the end of my trip!