As you already know,  I love to draw.  So, a few years ago when I found Manga, I new I had hit gold. Manga is a very different type of drawing that originated from Japan.images.jpg

Most people get Manga and Anime confused but, Manga is more simple and clean, while Anime, is detailed.  I draw both, Anime and Manga, but, I have token a liking to Manga. images.jpg

Manga is different from regular pictures because, of the eyes.  They have big eyes that are very detailed.  I love this because it gives them a look of kindness and, you can express the Manga person’s feelings better.

If you want to learn more,

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I am an artist. I don’t care if it is doodling, painting, or even spray painting. You might not even realize it, but, you use art every day! Have you ever painted a house, played with clay, or doodled in a notebook? Those are all types of art. Even cooking is a type of art! You can’t hate art because you use it every day. So, try drawing something, painting something, or doodling. You might be bad at it but, pretty good chance you will be awesome, at it! imgres.jpg