I LOVE Clearwater, Florida!!!

Out of all the places I have been, Clearwater has been the best.  There is so much to do!images.jpg

It has the BEST views!images.jpg

My favorite animal is a dolphin so, when I watched the movie,

                                                Dolphin Tale (2011) – IMDb

I begged my mom to get us tickets to go there.  And finally, we got to go. imgres.jpg

It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The name says it all, it has very,very,very clear water.  My favorite part was, every morning we would walk out to the beach with our coffee and muffins.

There is so much to do here including,



*Amusement Parks


*Water Activitiesimgres.jpg


*Bike Ridding

 They also, have great restaurants.  I love some types of fish and squid.  But, they mostly have greasy food.  My favorite restaurants are the ones on the beach.
Our motel was awesome too!  It was very comfortable and cozy.
One thing that I noticed was that there are tons of lizards crawling around.images.jpg
The fishing there is great because, you can see right through the water. imgres.jpg
My dad and me love fishing so this was awesome.  We have always wanted to fish in the ocean so, this was our chance.  We caught some strange fish but, no sharks.
The shops there are very cool. imgres.jpg
I LOVE beach shops!
Over all, Clearwater is amazing!  I hope we go back soon!

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