I have always loved animals. Anything from a fish to an elephant.  I LOVE going to pet shops and looking at the pets.


My first pet, was a fish.  He was a blue Betta,

                                                   Betta – Wikipedia

My family had had two cats in the past but they both died. So, a few years later, I got a fish.  Then after my fish, we got a Miniimgres.jpg Labradoodle.

 She is tan with big brown eyes.  Then, a few years later, we got 2 hamsters.imgres.jpg
One was white with a grey line going down her back who we named, Colorado.  The other one was brown with black spots and strips who we named, Brownie.
One night our dog was trying to get under my bed.  We didn’t know what she wanted, until the next morning.  I woke up to a lot of commotion, nobody knew where Brownie was.  I got out of my bed and started walking.  That is when I saw it, a hamster laying on it’s back not moving.
You might have already guessed, our dog did it.
At first, we didn’t want to get another one.  Then we decided to get one and named him, Brownie J.
Soon after,  we got a new family member, a cat.imgres.jpgf0260599e1251c67eefca31c02a19a81.jpgimgres.jpg
He is 2 years old and likes to destroy stuff.  That is why we call him, Twister.
1 year later, both of the hamsters die so we only have our dog and Twister.
One breed of dogs that I like are Teacup puppies.imgres.jpg
The only problem is,  they die fast and are very expensive to replace.

Rolly Teacup Puppies / Rolly Pups, Inc

This is a list of my 4 favorite animals.







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